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September 17, 2010

Testimonial: Sirona Dental Systems

Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner delivered a motivational keynote speech for Sirona Dental Systems’ CEREC 25 Celebration in late August in Las Vegas, NV. We recently received the following testimonial about the event:

“Everyone on our staff just fell in love with Rulon and couldn’t stop talking about how nice he was and how easy it was to work with him.”

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August 21, 2009

Rulon Gardner Named #2 Greatest Individual Sports Upset Ever by Fox Sports

In these tough economic times, wouldn’t it be great to get someone who has done the impossible to motivate your employees? To get them to push past the bleak financial news, the layoffs, the increased workloads and really do something great for your company?

Motivational speaker and Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner was just named #2 on a Fox Sports list of Top 10 Greatest Individual Sports Upsets Ever–he might be the guy you’re looking for. He was listed behind Buster Douglas and ahead of Yang–who just upset Tiger Woods. Yes, THAT, Tiger Woods.

What makes Gardner’s story so great? Well, for starters, he won a Gold Medal. A pretty amazing achievement in its own right, but when you consider that he won that Gold Medal against 3-time Gold Medalist Alexander Karelin–who had not been defeated in international competition in 13 years, who was nicknamed “the Siberian Tiger,” “the Russian Bear,” “King Kong,” and, my personal favorite, “the Experiment” for his powerfully muscled physique and punishing wrestling style (his signature move was to throw opponents on their head–risking neck and spinal fractures). Still not convinced that this was a David v. Goliath worthy matchup? Gardner grew up on a dairy farm, didn’t win a high school wrestling match in his tiny WY town until his senior year and was shaped like a teddy bear.

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-Danielle, Owner & Sports Agent, Marquis Athletes, LLC

October 16, 2008

Motivational Speakers for your Financial Services Company

In the current economic climate, your financial services company is probably looking for some motivation. At Marquis Athletes, LLC, we’ve been working with John Hancock Financial Services for years. Rulon Gardner has performed hundreds of speeches on behalf of John Hancock to various financial services companies–Morgan Stanley, UBS, Merril Lynch and others. These events are always well attended because the clients and potential clients want to meet Rulon, and follow up is facilitated by the signed photos and autographed books. If your company is interested in working with Rulon, visit our website at or contact us info at marquisathletes dot com. We offer long-term, multi-unit discount deals and would be happy to work with your meeting planners to create memorable, profitable events for your clients and staff!

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