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October 27, 2010

A New Chapter: Marquis Athletes, LLC to Close

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Today marks a new chapter for me professionally–I have made the decision to close Marquis Athletes, LLC and have accepted a position as Marketing Manager of SmartWatt Energy Services, Inc.

Rulon Gardner will continue to speak professionally, operate his health club and he is currently filming a very exciting TV project–the details of which will be released by the end of the year. I wish Rulon the best of luck with his career and enjoyed the last 9 years immensely. Thank you to everyone who supported our business.

-Danielle Marquis

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July 7, 2010

Discounted Events Added in Minneapolis, MN!

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Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner currently has events booked in the following locations. If you would like to piggyback your event on one of these events, you can save 50% off his speaking fee!

Colorado Events

July 11 & 13: Denver area

Wyoming Events

January 14, 2011: Cheyenne area

Pennsylvania Events

July 6, 7 & 8: Erie area

Nevada Events

August 25 & 27: Las Vegas area

Illinois Events

April 15, 2011: Normal area

Minnesota Events

October 2010: Minneapolis area

International Events

August 28-September 4: Beijing, China area

Events must take place in the same general area on the dates listed to qualify. If you are unsure whether your event qualifies, please contact us. Your group is responsible for ground transportation between the existing event and your event, as well as any changes necessary to existing travel reservations (book early to avoid this), in addition to the speaking fee. Contact us at to book your event!

April 28, 2010

Yoshida Retires

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USA Today reported that Hidehiko Yoshida retired after a match in Japan against chief protege Kazuhiro Nakamura. Yoshida has been one of Japan’s most popular fighters since he won a Gold Medal in the 1992 Olympics in Judo. He lost to fellow Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner on New Year’s Eve 2005. Yoshida was rumored to be preparing for a fight against Fedor Emelianenko as his retirement bout, but it appears he wisely made the decision to scrap those plans.

For more information about Rulon Gardner, visit

April 27, 2010

NFL Draft in Prime Time

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ESPN chose to air the NFL draft this year in primetime, instead of starting it at 4pm on a Saturday, like it did last year. This gamble paid off–the network’s ratings were up 23%, making it the 5th most watched cable program of the year, with 7.2 million viewers. That’s the most viewers in the network’s 31 year history! ESPN enjoyed its highest ratings in Jacksonville and New Orleans.

With this type of success, I think it’s safe to say ESPN will choose to air the draft during primetime again next year. Did you watch? What did you think? Why were you so excited to see it? Have you watched in year’s past?

As viewership for the draft increases, it will be exciting to see what types of advertising is used during the televised program. Will it be a gold mine like the Super Bowl?

September 11, 2008

Rulon Gardner and Larry the Cable Guy at the University of Nebraska

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Rulon Gardner recently did a speaking event for the students, athletes and staff at the University of Nebraska. While in Lincoln, he attended the football game versus San Jose State, where he ran into Larry the Cable Guy.

March 13, 2007

How Did You Become a Sports Agent?

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When speaking with group organizers I often get asked, “How did you become a sports agent?” Some people are stunned that I’m young and female in a profession full of older men, others have never know an agent personally and are just curious and still others have watched “Jerry McGuire” one too many times!

My first answer is usually, “Well, I have a law degree.” That usually explains it for most people, since they then realize I didn’t just happen upon this dream job, I actually went to school for 7 years for it. I then explain that while in law school I focused on corporate law and sports law, and interned (for free!) for every sports agent who would hire me. I worked 2-3 internships at a time, while attending law school full-time and working with my own clients. Before I went to law school, I’d begun helping some friends with their endorsement deals and marketing who were professional kayakers. I didn’t grow up my whole life wanting to be a sports agent (I actually wanted to be a veterinarian!), but I’ve been an athlete my entire life, I love being able to exercise my creativity and I love business. Being a sports agent was a great way to combine all my passions into one “dream job.”

If you’re a student out there wondering how you too can someday become a sports agent, here is my best advice…

1. Study very hard in school! Lots of people want to be agents, if you want to be considered, you’ll need good grades in High School to get into a good College or University, and good College/University grades to get into a good Law School.

2. Explore internship opportunities and don’t expect to be paid! Any good internship opportunity will have many, many people vying for consideration. You’ll be lucky if you get an interview! If you need to get paid, get a part-time job and intern the rest of the time. It’s the best way to learn about the business and make the connections you’ll need to get a job someday.

3. Go to law school. A law degree won’t guarantee you a job as an agent, but you won’t have much luck getting a job as an agent if you don’t have a law degree. Agents need to be able to write and negotiate contracts for their clients.

If you have any additional questions about becoming an agent, leave me a comment and I’d be happy to answer either in the comments or in a separate post! For more information about my background, visit

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