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May 18, 2010

Funding Ideas for School Assemblies

If your school district is like most, then budget cuts over the last several years have lead to a sharp decline in opportunities to host and fund school assemblies. Unfortunately, the need for these types of enrichment events hasn’t declined–if anything, with home budgets taking a hit in the recession, students need additional educational and motivational activities now more than ever.

Remember how exciting it was when you were a kid on an assembly day? It seems like we had one per month all through school–and I grew up in a small, rural school district. We’d watch colleged-aged kids sing and dance about not doing drugs, folks from the fish and game service would come in with real live bald eagles, and if we were really, really lucky, we’d get to hear an inspiring talk from a famous person–someone like Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner.

For over an hour he mesmerized them, telling them to avoid drinking and drugs. He encouraged them to listen to their parents, schoolteachers and other leaders. He told them to go for their dreams and do something better with their lives than cruise Main Street.” (Terry Bennett)

Now, listen, I know what you’re thinking. “We haven’t had an assembly budget in years. We just laid off more teachers.” I get it. I do. But did you know most motivational speakers offer drastically reduced rates for schools? Ask, you’ll be surprised how affordable it can be! The next step is to talk with the PTO and booster clubs for sports at your school–would they help chip in for the cost? Would local parents and businesses be willing to share the cost? Could the students hold a fundraiser? Could you combine schools in your area for an afternoon and do one large assembly? Is there a grant you could apply for?

We’ve had schools in the past raise the funds by successfully applying some or all of these ideas–and they were happy they did.

For more information about school assembly or sports camp events with Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner, contact Danielle Marquis with Marquis Athletes, LLC at


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