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April 9, 2010

Nike Ad Featuring Tiger Was Smart

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My name is Danielle and I am a fan of Nike’s new Tiger Woods ad.

I don’t like Tiger Woods. I think he’s arrogant and I find what he’s done to his family to be very disrespectful. I, do, however, respect his athletic prowess and the power he commands in the endorsement world. It can be hard to rectify these things in my mind sometimes, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.

When Nike decided to retain sponsorship of Tiger after his sex scandal, they did so knowing they’d have an uphill battle in many respects to convince the buying public that they should continue to purchase Nike Golf products because Tiger thinks we should. Why would we listen to Tiger?

He clearly needs to work on his personal life, but Tiger Woods is still the best golfer in the world. And that’s why Nike kept him–they’re still, after all, selling golf products. But what would their first ad look like post-scandal? Would they just show him golfing and sweep the whole scandal under the rug? Or would they acknowledge the scandal, show that they understand he made a mistake, ask him to get help and then move on to the golfing ads?

Nike obviously chose the latter. In an aesthetic sense, the ad was beautiful–soft light, gorgeous golf course in the background, remorseful looking Tiger periodically blinking in acknowledgment. It was clean, with just the voice from above asking him to think about what he’d done and learn from it. I’ve read some opinions that the voice–which we now know is that of Tiger’s dead father–may have been Nike’s way of showing how they were the father figure, asking Tiger to take responsibility and learn from his mistakes. The first time I heard the ad, I didn’t realize who the voice was, and this was also how I took the ad–and I liked it. When I later learned it was his father’s voice, I honestly felt like that was a little on the tacky side–I lost my father, too, and I can’t imagine doing that. But then again, Tiger’s dad was his biggest fan, and had his own issues with marital indiscretions, so maybe if he were alive he’d want to help Tiger get himself back out there and move on.

The Nike ad featuring Tiger was a gamble in many respects, but I think it was smart–now they can show the golfing ads without looking like they’re ignoring all that’s happened, and they likely had more people watch the ad due to the media coverage surrounding it than would have seen a regular ad.

Author Danielle Marquis is a sports agent with Marquis Athletes, LLC.


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