Marquis Athletes

April 7, 2010

Health & Wellness Events

Recently I’ve been getting requests for motivational speakers for events with a “health & wellness” theme. These requests have come from hospitals, corporate groups and school groups–the theme really crosses boundaries. Retired Olympic athletes are a natural fit for these events, because they’ve made health & wellness a priority in their lives–it’s what made them great at what they do, and they can help you translate their knowledge into your life.

Balanced, healthy individuals aren’t just better employees and better students, they’re better people! When you feel good, your health improves, you have better focus, better concentration and you’re a nicer, happier person to be around. These events are often requested around final exam time for colleges, around prom time for high schools, during awareness campaigns for hospitals and around open enrollment time for health benefits in the corporate world. If you’re interested in booking a health and wellness speaker for your next event, contact me and let me know what you have in mind. We’ve had athletes talk about their workouts and nutrition plans (both during competition and now in “real life” during retirement), we’ve had them talk with people about avoiding alcohol and drugs, we’ve had them compete in fun field day style events alongside attendees, we’ve had them do joint events with HR staff, nutritionists and physicians–and we’ve done combinations of all of these things. I’ll work with you to determine your specific needs, talk about your ideas and develop a program that will have your patients, employees or students returning to your hospital, work or school happier, healthier and more productive.

To contact sports agent Danielle Marquis of Marquis Athletes about booking Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner for your Health & Wellness event, email


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