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March 30, 2010

Are you there, Deena? It’s me, Danielle.

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“Are you there, Deena? It’s me, Danielle. I can’t wait until 8 o’clock, Deena. That’s when the dancing starts. Do you think you’d ever consider Rulon Gardner as a partner for Edyta next season? It’s not just that people would like him as a person, Deena, but he’s also a gifted athlete. And I know Edyta would love to dance with him…even if it were just once or twice. Thank you, Deena.”

I’m watching the new season of Dancing With The Stars, and everytime I do, I’m always thinking the same thing–Rulon Gardner needs to be on this show.

As Sr. Talent Producer for the show, you, Deena Katz, know you’re weaving a certain breed of magic when you cast the eclectic mix of stars for each season. You know that their personal stories and celebrity are important, but so is how they interact with the professional dancers they’re paired with and how they interact with one another. I think a big part of that mix is that so many athletes are cast, and so many Olympic athletes in particular. You’ve had some greats–Apolo Anton Ohno, Kristi Yamaguchi and Shawn Johnson. 

But you know what? When the average American looks at them, they don’t really see themselves. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a big guy who grew up on a dairy farm in WY represent the Olympic athletes and compete on DWTS? Think about how great it would be to see Edyta Sliwinska Cha-Cha across the dancefloor with Rulon Gardner and win the mirror ball trophy. Just like his Gold Medal win in the 2000 Olympics against the undefeated “Russian Bear” in Greco-Roman Wrestling was a Miracle on the Mat, this could be a Miracle on the Dancefloor. Or maybe Panic at the Disco? Either way, good television.

I’m here to talk when you’re ready, Ms. Katz.


Danielle Marquis

Danielle Marquis is the owner of Marquis Athletes, LLC and a sports agent representing Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner. She was clearly a big fan of Judy Blume as a kid, and would love to talk with Deena Katz–or anyone at Talent Central–about the possibility of Rulon Gardner appearing on the next season of Dancing With The Stars. She can be contacted at


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