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March 16, 2010

Rulon Gardner Featured in Survival Training Film

The Montana State University’s Local Technical Assistance Program has recently released its survival training film entitled “The Will To Survive.” The film features Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner, mountain climber Dr. Ken Kamler (who treated survivors on Mt. Everest at Camp III when the storm profiled in “Into Thin Air” hit) and survival training specialist Steve Jenkins.

In the film, Rulon Gardner recounts and reenacts his harrowing story of survival following a snowmobile accident that left him stranded in the Wyoming wilderness, sopping wet, in 30 degree below zero temperatures, overnight. During the reenactment, Dr. Kamler comments on what was happening to Gardner’s body in a physical sense during the ordeal, and also the type of mental toughness required to overcome a situation like this. Steve Jenkins ends the movie with a discussion of what can be done to prevent these types of accidents in your own outdoor pursuits, and by going through the elements of a proper survival kit.

Gardner’s survival story has been recounted in various news outlets since it first happened, including profiles in National Geographic Adventure “The Ultimate Survivor: Tough Guy Rulon Gardner” and in GQ “The Man Who Wouldn’t Die.”

Rulon Gardner is available for survival presentations alone and in conjunction with Steve Jenkins. These presentations are especially suited to outdoor recreation groups and scouting organizations. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at info at marquisathletes dot com.


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