Marquis Athletes

December 19, 2008

Saving Money on Motivational Speakers

It’s no secret the economy still isn’t doing well, but I have some ways you can save money on motivational speakers–those I represent, and those you may be considering booking through other bureaus or agents.

  • Event Combining-Did you know that we (and many other speakers) offer reduced rates on additional events when a speaker is already in your area? With us, you not only save on travel expenses (in many cases you’ll just be responsible for ground transportation from the last event to yours), but we also book additional events at 50% off if our speaker doesn’t need to stay any additional days to complete your event. Wondering when our speakers will be in your area? Visit our website and check out the client calendar.
  • Multiple Event Contracts-If your company, non-profit or school has multiple events coming up where you’d like our speaker, let us know. We’ll negotiate a lower cost per event in return for the guaranteed business. Examples of past ways we’ve made this work for customers is to do multiple corporate events all over the country for one company, do multiple community events all over the country for one major company within an industry looking to get its name out to this target audience, do multiple events on behalf of a parent non-profit organization for its local branches and do a week’s work of school speeches throughout an entire district.
  • Virtual Meetings & School Assemblies-Imagine how much money you could save by not flying all of your employees out for a meeting, then paying for their hotel rooms and meals. Our speakers are available for virtual meetings–from your corporate headquarters or their home office. Employees can listen in via conference call or see the event via web conferencing. Conferences may be saved and viewed at the employees leisure, so as not to lose productivity. Ditto for school assemblies–many school districts are cutting back assemblies altogether in an effort to save money. By using this technology, schools can have speakers piped into classrooms when it’s convenient for teachers, thereby saving money and time, but still giving their students the benefits of speakers.

Would you like to book Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner for your next event? Visit our website at or contact us at info at marquisathletes dot com for more information.


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