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December 21, 2006

Environment Themed Assembly Tie-Ins (Lesson Plan Suggestions)

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  1. English: Read the speaker’s book on the subject about his adventures in various places around the world; Assign essay for students where they write about their own adventures (urban or in the wilderness) as a creative piece and also assign process type essay where students must write about HOW to do part of their adventure (i.e., how to rock climb) and a technical essay about an environmental concern discussed in science class, etc. Lead group discussion about how these three writing styles are different, who prefers and excels at which ones, why that is, etc.
  2. Science: Watch “An Inconvenient Truth” with students and discuss the science discussed in the movie, how that relates to what has been learned thus far in class, etc. Have students research your town’s specific environmental issues, break into groups assigned to each issue, then have each group tackle explaining the “science” behind each issue to the average person as a means of persuasion, video each segment.
  3. Math: Calculate the distance, wind speeds, etc. encountered while speaker was on various expeditions (i.e., sea kayaking, dog sledding, etc.)
  4. Health: Discuss diets of top level athletes living in extreme environments while on expedition (how is this different from elite athletes under normal conditions? What role does it play to know you have to carry that food with you or obtain it en route)
  5. History: Read speaker’s book about Kennewick Man and his beliefs on the theory surrounding wanderlust v. survival
  6. Art: Work on technical drawings to illustrate local environmental problems studied in Science class, to illustrate own adventures worked on in English class.
  7. Music: Listen to different music favored by athletes in athletic pursuits. Discuss why would choose some for more intense activities, others for more mentally challenging sports. What is it about each song that helps one way or the other? Why don’t some songs work? What would be your Ipod Playlist for your adventure written about in English class?
  8. Physical Education: Put together supplies for own expedition and complete in class over the course of a month (include planning time, training time, packing time, expedition time)


Marquis Athletes client Jon Turk is a Ph.D in Chemistry who writes Earth Science and Environmental textbooks, adventure travel books and has also completed expeditions such as sea kayaking around Cape Horn, sea kayaking from Japan to Alaska, mountain biking across the Mongolian Gobi and Dog Sledding along Baffin Island, among others. Jon is available for school speeches about Fear Management and the fee is $2,000 plus travel. Jon also offers “add-ons” which include guest lectures in science and English classes (creative and technical writing), as well as retreats for students which include the fusion of Fear Management lectures, educational lectures and/or guided expeditions of varying skill levels.


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