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December 14, 2006

Olympic Themed Assembly Tie-Ins (Lesson Plan Suggestions)

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What follows is a list of ideas to use as “tie-ins” should you choose an Olympic themed assembly for your school. These ideas can be simplified or made more complicated, depending on your grade level(s). These ideas are meant to get your creativity flowing, when you come up with your own ideas, please share them in the comments so that others may benefit!

1. English Class: Read the Olympic speaker’s book as a class and organize a “book club” type discussion about what they’ve read when they’re done reading, OR, assign a book report or essay on the speaker’s book, OR, divide the students into groups and have them re-enact different chapters of the book for the rest of the class

2. Science Class: Present material on and discuss the physiological changes in the human body while competing at the Olympic level (i.e., how are the muscle fibers of sprinters different than the muscle fibers of long distance runners); Work on physics equations relating to athlete motion; Try to have your students explain through research and presentations how an athlete was able to survive a near death experience

3. Math Class: Give the students word problems or equations to complete that make math “real” by putting it in the context of athletes (i.e., what was the speed of the sprinter? How many calories would the athlete need to consume to gain/lose a specific amount of weight for a weight-class sport? etc.)

4. Health Class: Discuss the different types of diets athletes eat, and how they are nutritionally different based on the different goals (i.e., lose weight v. gain weight v. gain muscle)

5. History Class: Discuss the Greek origins of the Olympic Games, and compare that to the Games we have today (Is there still a political aspect? How so? How have countries “at war” interacted at various Olympic Games (if at all)? etc.)

6. Art Class: Discuss the art and architecture that has been an integral part of the Olympic Games since their inception; Have students complete projects that would be suitable for inclusion in modern Olympic Games (i.e., design Olympic fashions for athletes to wear that are functional and fashionable; design athletic facilities that are functional and uniquely beautiful; design athlete fine art, etc.)

7. Music Class: Explore music’s roll in Olympic Games past and present; Encourage students to perform instrumental and/or vocal pieces from past Olympic Games or to compose their own

8. Physical Education: Stage a mini-Olympics for students

Marquis Athletes’ Olympian clients available for school events include Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist Rulon Gardner (Greco-Roman Wrestling) and Olympic Weightlifter Shane Hamman. Both clients are available for school speeches for elementary, middle and high school students. The fee is $2,000 plus travel expenses. Rulon books one school event per week, Monday through Thursday only, but Shane does not have restrictions on his school bookings.


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